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The Alexis Single Strand Hair Insertion System is a non-surgical hair replacement solution for men with partial or total hair loss. Because the system can be designed to cover all or part of the scalp, it is an excellent choice for men with thinning hair, areas of baldness or total hair loss.

Our Single Strand Hair Insertion System is made by threading single strands of the highest quality human hair into a skin-like transparent membrane. We design the system to match your hairline, hair texture,  colour, density and original growth pattern. The method of attachment depends on your lifestyle and needs; systems can be daily wear or semi-permanently attached.

Natural-looking hair
Your single strand hair insertion system will look and feel completely natural. You will be able to work, play, swim, shower, and style your hair as before.

Styling and maintenance
Once the system has been created, one of our professional hair technicians will cut and shape your new hair to the length and style you desire. We take our time to make sure you are happy with your new hair. Looking natural and your best is the only acceptable result. Your technician will teach you how to work with your new hair at a complimentary wash and style appointment. Depending on the method of attachment, maintaining your new hair may require home care, professional care at our salon or a combination of both.

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