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Amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins all contribute to healthy hair.

Amino acids make up proteins. The most important amino acids for hair growth are cysteine and methionine. You will find methionine in sesame seeds, fish, and meats; cysteine is in eggs, milk, cheese, chicken, turkey, duck, whey protein, red peppers, garlic, brussel sprouts, oats, and wheat.

Fatty acids are in natural fats and oils. Effects of a fatty acid deficiency include dry hair, change in hair colour, and a red and flaky scalp.

Vitamins that affect hair include:

Vitamin Function Food
vitamin A guards hair follicles carrots, broccoli, liver
biotin used to produce cells, fatty acids, and amino acids beans, bread, fish, legumes
vitamin C necessary for healthy collagen (a type of protein) around hair follicles vegetables, fruits (specifically citrus)
vitamin E provides physical stability to the membrane, or surface, of cells nuts, corn, asparagus
folic acid important for cell division and growth in hair follicles spinach, lettuce, dried beans
B-complex vitamins help nourish hair follicles potatoes, bananas, tuna, turkey

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