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Can you see or feel the Single Strand Hair Insertion System when you are wearing it?
Because the hair system is transparent, it is not visible. When the hair is parted, all you will see is skin. If you run your fingers through your hair, all you will feel is hair. As with a contact lens, where you see the eye and not the lens, with the Single-Strand Hair Insertion System, all you see is hair.
How much hair can I expect from the Single Strand Hair Insertion System?
You can expect to achieve the amount of hair you desire. If your existing hair is thick then you can expect the system to look and feel the same. If you want more or less density, we can provide that too.
How long does the Single Strand Hair Insertion System last?
The system’s lifespan depends on:
  • your lifestyle—more activity means more wear and tear
  • the type of base used to construct the system:
    • conventional base construction with a durable perimeter lasts 1–2 years
    • technologically advanced grafts created with weightless materials last anywhere from 1 month to 1 year
How much does the Single-Strand Hair Insertion System cost?
The cost ranges from $800 to $2500. Systems with thinner bases are priced starting at $500. See our prices for details.
What type of hair do you use to make the Single Strand Hair Insertion System?
We use 3 types of human hair: European, Indian, and Asian. Synthetic hair is used for grey hair and could be used for highlighted hair.
Can I style my hair in more than one way with a Single Strand Hair Insertion System?
Yes. We can design the hair system so that you can have as many styles as you want or just one style.
How long will it take to make my Single Strand Hair Insertion System?
A hair system designed specifically for you takes an average of 10–12 weeks to create. If you have an urgent need, a ready-made system can be available within 3–5 business days.
What are the methods of attachment available for the Single Strand Hair Insertion System?
Removable systems may be attached with clips to your natural hair. They may also be attached using adhesives, double-sided tape, or silicone strips. Another option is to have the system semi-permanently attached using special bonding agents which stay in place between 3–6 weeks.
How often do I to return to Alexis to maintain the Single Strand Hair Insertion System?
Hair care appointments depend on the method of attachment you choose. Our recommendation is:
  • Daily wear attachment: every 4-6 weeks
  • Semi-permanent attachment: every 3–6 weeks
What does it cost to maintain the Single Strand Hair Insertion System?
Maintenance costs are based on the method of attachment, which is determined by your lifestyle and expectations. Maintenance appointments start at $80.
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